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For more advanced CNC Programmers the CNC Training Academy offers a number of specialist courses.

For more information about these courses – check the list below for a brief introduction to each – or alternatively call the Academy on 01926 438363 for more information.

Fanuc Manual Guide i

Manual Guide i exactly simulates the Fanuc CNC control which means programs can be written, tested and optimised on a PC and in training room environments without having to do tests and trialling at a machine. This means that a manufacturer’s production schedules do not need to be stopped or interrupted to allow for these activities. Simulators are an important training aid and are ideal for the classroom.

The NC Guide simulator for series 0i/0i Mate-D/31i/32i CNC controls, covers both programming and operation for milling and turning in DIN ISO and conversational modes without being specific to the type of machine – thereby widening its use and appeal.


FeatureCam, developed by Delcam, is a suite of CAD/CAM software that combines the latest cutting edge technology with simplicity and ease of use.

FeatureCAM is a system that is so intuitive that even a novice or occasional user can quickly create reliable and consistent tool paths, and can immediately make a positive impact on productivity and efficiency from Day One.

Feature-Based Technology to Streamline Programming

With FeatureCAM, you can:

  • Draw or import your part
  • Identify part components as features (holes, pockets, surface milling, etc.)
  • Click simulation

Knowledge-Based Technology to Increase Productivity

FeatureCAM automatically:

  • Selects Tools
  • Calculates Feeds and Speeds, including Step-overs and Depth of Cut
  • Determines Roughing and Finishing Operations
  • Generates Toolpaths and NC Code

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