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FeatureCAM – 2.5D Milling (Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain)

To ensure a positive learning experience course size is limited to 6 attendees.

Cost of course is £600.00 + VAT per attendee.


FeatureCAM is the unique CAD/CAM system that uses feature-based and knowledge-based technologies for automated machining, minimising programming times for milling machines, lathes, multi- tasking lathes, mill-turn centres and wire EDM machines.

At the Mills CNC Training Academy we offer 4 different FeatureCAM courses - FeatureCAM 2.5D Milling, FeatureCAM 2.5D Turning, FeatureCAM 3D Solid Milling and FeatureCAM 3D Solid Turning.

Applicants must already be well versed in Engineering and able to read Drawings. ISO Programming and a good understanding of Mathematics would be advantageous.

Specific course content includes:

  • FeatureCam Part Wizard
  • Stock Description Material, Size & Datum Setting
  • Geometry Drawing, Points, Lines, Circles, Arcs, Fillets etc.
  • Trim/Extend, Dimensions, Annotation
  • Making Curves, Text
  • Features for Milling, Part Features, Drilling, Threading, Grooving, Boring
  • Simulation & Toolpaths with NC Code OutputEditing Tools, Speeds & Feeds etc.
  • Customize Manufacturing
  • Viewing in the Graphics Window
  • Advanced Toolbar & Selecting Graphical Objects
  • Importing Geometry using DXF Files etc.
  • Geometry Drawing and Curves
  • Transform, Translate, Rotate, Scale, Reflect
  • Features for Tombstone Milling
  • Creating Features Drilled, Holes Patterns etc.
  • Milled Boss, Pockets and Irregular Shapes & Groups
  • Manufacturing order
  • Simulation & NC Code Viewing
  • Saving your Work, Attributes, Operations Level
  • Default Attributes
  • Tool selection, Overrides, Tool manager & Cribs
  • Post Processor Location & Editing Post Processor Information
  • (Post Editing is covered on a separate course if required)

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