Big news from Mills CNC!

Close up of Zayer head

The UK’s favourite, and fastest-growing, machine tool supplier, announces new distributor arrangement with Zayer.

Mills CNC has announced that it has become the UK and Irish distributor for Zayer, a successful and technically-innovative Spanish-based machine tool manufacturer renowned for the high-quality of its large-capacity horizontal bed mills, travelling-column milling machines, and bridge- and gantry-type mills.

The distributor arrangement between the two heavyweights will enable Mills, the exclusive distributor of DN Solutions’ machine tools in the UK and Ireland, to plug a ‘gap’ in its impressive product line-up, by being able to provide customers with specific Zayer machines from the company’s extensive machine tool range: the quid pro quo enables Zayer, a company committed to continuous improvement and growth, access to UK and Irish markets via Mills’ well-established sales network and channels.

“Our relationship with DN Solutions remains unchanged.

“The Zayer machines we are selling in the UK and Ireland complement our DN Solutions’ machine tool ranges and are not competing with or against them.

“DN Solutions’ and Zayer machines co-exist within our product portfolio and enable us to select the most appropriate large machine tool solution(s) for customers based on their application needs and requirements.”

Tony Dale, CEO of Mills CNC

Mills, as part of its ongoing business operations, regularly monitors and reviews market trends and is in regular dialogue with its customers in order to find out, from them, how it can better help improve their productivity, performance and profitability.

The discussions helped identify a need, amongst customers, and the market in general, for access to high-precision, powerful and reliable large-capacity horizontal bed mills and, similarly, large travelling-column and gantry-type milling machines.

“We believe there are significant opportunities in the UK and Ireland, within the oil and gas, aerospace, power generation and renewables’ sectors in particular, for this type of technology geared, as it is, to large precision part processing.

“After researching the market, we approached Zayer, a leading machine tool manufacturer based in Spain, and a company with a rich pedigree in innovation, research and development and customer service, with our ideas and requirements.

“They were more than receptive to our plans and were, themselves, keen to expand their distributor network and gain access to the UK and Irish markets.”

Tony Dale, CEO of Mills CNC

“Mills CNC is a market leader with an impressive track record and a great reputation in the markets it serves.

“We have many things in common – from a proactive business approach through to a commitment to innovation, customer service and growth.

“The arrangement with Mills is exciting and a natural progression for Zayer.”

Fernando Arocena, General Manager of Zayer

Zayer machine range

Scope and scale

In addition to ‘selling’ Zayer machines, Mills’ factory-trained engineers will also deliver, install and commission Zayer machines at customers’ facilities, undertake all training requirements and service the machines.

“It’s a similar set up to how we operate, and what we already have in place, for DN Solutions’ machines”, says Tony Dale.

“The whole servicing operation is structured, organised and run along the same professional and proven principles and methods that have made our after-sales service and support operations so successful.”

Zayer strengths

In addition to its proven and popular machine tool ranges used extensively by large component manufacturers across Europe and throughout the rest of the world, Zayer has invested in an innovative in-house ‘HeadsLAB’ facility – dedicated to the design and development of its advanced, multi-axis and multi-functional spindle heads – at its headquarters in Northern Spain.

Zayer spindle heads increase the flexibility of their machine tools and help customers increase their productivity and efficiencies…enabling them to get the most from their investment(s).

Zayer’s commitment to SMART and Factory-of the-Future technology and advanced digital solutions, has seen it also develop its HORUS NX Services Platform to help optimise the management and performance of its machines.

Other innovations include numerous machining apps that help customers improve their performance by increasing machine uptime and optimising their processes.

“This is big news for Mills, Zayer, our customers and UK and Irish manufacturing as a whole.

“Essentially, if manufacturers of large components require a high-quality, high-accuracy and flexible machine tool solution…there is a Zayer, or a DN Solutions’, machine, from Mills CNC, that will more than meet their needs.”

Tony Dale, CEO of Mills CNC

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