Created in Spain. Used worldwide.

Now available in the UK and Ireland

We are now the exclusive distributor of Zayer CNC horizontal bed mills and travelling-column and gantry-type milling machines in the UK and Ireland.

Zayer CNC Machines

Zayer, a machine tool manufacturer of some repute based in Spain, has been designing and developing high-quality machines for over 60+ years.

The company’s technology solutions are used extensively across Europe and the rest of the world, and are renowned for their power, accuracy, speed and reliability.

Zayer machines are built to last, provide real value and are the Number One choice for large component and mould tool manufacturers operating in, and serving, the oil and gas, power generation, rail, renewables, aerospace and hydro-electric sectors.

Research, development and innovation

In addition to designing and manufacturing high-quality machine tools, Zayer also invests significant resources into Research & Development.

This has, in recent years, seen Zayer create an innovative and dedicated HeadsLAB facility where new advanced spindle heads are designed, developed and tested.

Zayer spindle heads increase the flexibility of their machine tools and help customers increase their productivity and efficiencies…enabling them to get the most from their investment.

Zayer’s commitment to SMART and Factory-of the-Future technology and advanced digital solutions, has seen it also develop its HORUS NX Services Platform to help optimise the management and performance of its machines.

Other innovations include numerous machining apps that help customers improve their performance by increasing machine uptime and optimising their processes.

The company also provides customised machine tool solutions as well as standalone machines

The Zayer Range

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Horizontal CNC Bed Mills

These horizontal CNC bed mills from Zayer are ideal for the machining of large and complex parts, and have a wide range of spindle heads for additional customisation.

  • Zayer XIOS G

    Horizontal CNC bed-type milling machine with a moving and rotary table.

  • Zayer XIOS

    Horizontal CNC bed-type milling machine with a moving table.

  • Zayer ZERO

    Horizontal CNC bed-type milling machine with fast processing speeds.

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Gantry-Type Milling Machines

These CNC gantry mills from Zayer have moving bridges and a huge range of different spindle heads, to enable the machining of large and complex components.

  • Zayer NEOS

    Gantry-type milling machine with a fixed cross beam and fixed table.

  • Zayer THERA W

    Gantry-type milling machine with a moving bridge and fixed table and a moving cross beam.

  • Zayer THERA

    Gantry-type milling machine with moving bridge, fixed table and fixed cross beam.

  • Zayer ALTEA

    Gantry-type milling machine with a moving bridge, fixed table and cross beam.

  • Zayer AETOS

    Gantry-type milling machine with a moving bridge, fixed table and cross beam.

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Travelling-Column Milling Machines

These moving column milling machines provide flexibility and precision, and are commonly used for the production of large parts for the defence, energy and automotive industries.

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CNC Spindle Heads

Zayer machines can be supplied with different spindle head as standard or as an option.

The heads are designed, developed, manufactured and tested at Zayer’s innovative HeadsLAB centre at its manufacturing facility in Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain.

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