CNC Machine Tools

CNC or “Computer Numerical Controlled” machines are sophisticated tools that are used to machine accurate and complex parts and components for a large and diverse range of sectors and industries.

Advanced Milling and Turning Technologies

CNC milling and turning are advanced technologies used by manufacturers to machine a range of different metals (ferrous, non-ferrous, exotics etc.,) and materials (i.e., plastics, carbon fibre composites etc.,) to high tolerance and surface finishes to produce high-precision parts and components.

Mills CNC sells such advanced machine tools to manufacturers in the UK and Ireland and, through its comprehensive pre- and after-sales services that customers get the best (and the most) from their machine tool purchase.

Machining Centres

Vertical, Horizontal and 5-Axis Machines

CNC milling is a machining process that employs computerised controls and rotating multi-point cutting tools to progressively remove material from the workpiece to produce a part/component or product. This process is undertaken by machining centres. 

With a number of different types of machining centre available from Doosan Machine Tools, Mills CNC is able to supply a varied range to customers. These include vertical, horizontal, 5-axis and double-column machining centre model types. Our DNM, DEM, SVM, BVM and Mynx models are very popular CNC machining centres throughout the country.

Lathes and Turning Centres

Horizontal, Vertical, Twin Turret & Sliding Head

While there is no formal distinction between the two, a lathe is typically used to refer to simpler machines, like those that only perform two-axis turning operations using the X- and Z-axes.

A turning centre, on the other hand, is more sophisticated and will likely integrate milling and drilling along with its turning capabilities as well as featuring sub-spindle and Y-axis capabilities.

Popular and best-selling lathes and turning centres supplied by Mills CNC include the Lynx, Puma, TT and VTR series of machines.

Mill-Turn Machines

Mill-Turn Multi-Tasking Machines

A mill-turn, or multi-tasking machine, commonly refers to a machine that is capable of both milling and turning operations and usually includes the integration of live tooling.

A typical mill-turn configuration has multiple axes which, as a minimum, include an X-, Y- and C-axis. These allow for milling operations along the length of the part as well as traditional OD and ID lathe turning operations.

Mill-turn machines, like all multi-tasking machines, enable parts to be machined to completion in one-set-up and significantly improve a manufacturer’s productivity, efficiency and overall competitiveness.

Popular and best-selling mill-turn machines supplied by Mills include the SMX and MX models.

Horizontal Borers

Double Ended, Single Ended & Duplex

A horizontal boring machine or horizontal boring mill is a machine tool that bores holes in a horizontal direction. There are three main types — table, planer and floor. The table type is the most common and, as it is the most versatile, it is also known as the universal type.

Horizontal boring machines are often heavy-duty industrial machines used for roughing out large components typically used in the oil and gas, power generation, offshore, large automotive sectors etc., – although there are high-precision models too.

Popular and best-selling Doosan horizontal borers include the DBM, DBC and DBD series of machines.

Why Choose Mills CNC?

Mills CNC is much more than a distributor of high-quality machine tools. It also supplies best-in-class automation systems and solutions, and provides customers with first-class pre- and after-sales services that include funding and financing, training, servicing, parts etc.

Delivery and Installation

To ensure customers can access our machine tool technologies, quickly and seamlessly – we operate a customer-focused machine stock programme that enables machine tools to be delivered and installed at customers’ facilities in the UK and Ireland in double-quick time.

Our logistics and delivery experts are on hand to ensure the machine tool solution that you’ve ordered arrives exactly when you need it and is installed and ready to go when you are.

Servicing and Support

At Mills CNC we pride ourselves on our after-sales service and support; with a dedicated in-house team for all additional support you may need for your new or used CNC machine. 

We have a reputation in the market for the high quality and reliability of our after-sales service and support; the strength and popularity of these services contributes to customer loyalty.

Undertaken by highly-qualified Mills CNC servicing engineers we are committed to delivering a cost-effective, professional and courteous service.

Finance and Leasing

Mills CNC can help you acquire your new machines with highly favourable finance packages available through the Mills CNC Finance division – an independent finance solution that can assist your business in the procurement of bespoke finance packages. 

From short term hire and leasing, to a longer-term finance option, customers can be assured that they will have access to the broadest range of funding/finance packages and deals available on the market.

Training and Software

Industry leading CNC training solutions for users of all levels, including training on the main control systems that CNC machines use: Fanuc, Siemens or Heidenhain. 

Our in-house CNC machine tool training experts have a combined experience of over 150 years and have extensive knowledge on any type of machine tool you might encounter in your career. The Mills CNC Training Academy offer training courses that cover all aspects of the machine lifecycle, from maintenance, operator and programmer training, through to software licence packages and training

We are also able to offer licences for a number of software programs that you might be required to use,  Bob CAD-CAM as an example, and can provide software training packages for your team.

Doosan CNC Machines

Why Doosan Machine Tools?

Doosan Machine Tools are well known in the machine tool world as a provider of an extensive range of high-quality, durable, ultra-reliable CNC machines and their world-wide network of subsidiaries, dealerships and agents, has helped them to achieve their status as market-leaders as precision engineering machine providers.

Doosan Machine Tools invests heavily into  extensive research and development and are constantly creating new, innovative, CNC machines that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the manufacturing sector. 

Mills CNC, as the sole distributor of Doosan Machine Tools in the UK and Ireland, have many of these CNC machines in our showroom at our CNC Technology Campus in Leamington Spa. If you’re interested in seeing the latest in machine tool technology, why not get in touch and come to our showroom?

Mills CNC: Like No-One Else

At Mills CNC we are more than just a CNC machine tool supplier, we offer a fully comprehensive range of solutions to help your business operate at the next level. 

If you’re a manufacturing company looking for a new CNC machine, at Mills CNC we’re able to help you during the entire process: we offer bespoke advice on the machine type to use; show proof of concept on the machine; provide industry-leading CNC training on the machine; add a manufacturing automation solution; service the machines in your workshop with genuine Doosan parts; and help you finance the entire thing.

CNC Solutions

Turnkey CNC Solutions

Occasionally an ‘out-of-the-box’ stock CNC machine doesn’t deliver the performance and productivity improvements that you might require, that’s when we can offer our customers a bespoke turnkey CNC solution. 

Turnkey CNC is when there’s a need for something ‘non-standard’ and can range from a bar feeder, through to a completely redesigned CNC manufacturing unit with a pallet changer, swarf conveyor, renishaw probing etc.

Automation Solutions

At Mills CNC we can offer a variety of automation solutions to fit your budgetary and, most importantly, project requirements. 

On one side are our easy to deploy Doosan Cobots, which are able to aid in CNC machine tending operations, with a fantastic reach of up to 1.7m and a payload size of up to 25kg – and on the other a fully bespoke SYNERGi cell system designed around your manufacturing specifications, product, and processes to deliver a fully automated CNC solution for your business.