Doosan machines

Doosan machine tools provide manufacturers with best-in-class performance, high productivity and exceptional accuracy. 

The Doosan range is impressive, and its depth and breadth are second to none. This makes Mills CNC’s machine tool portfolio one of the most comprehensive available in the market, so whatever type of CNC machine tool you’re searching for, it’s more than likely that we have a Doosan machine that will more than meet your requirements.

Why choose Doosan machine tools?

Humans are prone to error and Doosan machine tools can eliminate this risk. The equipment is highly accurate, so you won’t need to waste materials due to mistakes, leading to increased profitability for your business. CNC machines ensure uniformity in designs, making quality control processes run a whole lot smoother.

Doosan CNC milling machines are reliable and you can depend on them to run 24 hours a day if you wish. Combined with their high speed, the output can be increased, allowing you to raise your capacity. 

This automated solution requires a minimal number of operators and low maintenance is involved – saving you further costs in the long run. It’s safe to use a Doosan CNC milling machine so you can protect your staff at the same time. 

The benefits don’t stop there – Doosan CNC machines are versatile so you can easily reprogram the system to create different parts. The sophisticated machinery is capable of making complex designs with a precision you wouldn’t get from humans. 

The range of Doosan CNC milling machines

There is a range of Doosan CNC milling machines available to suit your exact needs.

To help get you started in your Doosan machine tool search (and to narrow down your choice), check out the different Doosan machine tool technology types below.


Are Doosan machine tools cost-effective?

The initial investment will depend on the specific model you go for although, every Doosan CNC milling machine is very cost-effective. Since labour costs are removed and productivity is increased, you gain a high return on investment. 

What type of industry are Doosan machine tools suited to?

Doosan machine tools are highly versatile as they can perform numerous tasks for your business. This machinery is normally used in manufacturing and automotive industries although, it has applications to fields such as healthcare, electronics, defence and aerospace.

Where are Doosan CNC machines made?

Doosan CNC machines are designed and made by the global giant Doosan Machine Tools. The innovative company regularly bring new systems to the market and we at Mills CNC are delighted to stock their machinery. 

What happens when you buy a Doosan CNC machine from Mills CNC?

Mills CNC is a leading provider of Doosan CNC machines. We’re there for you every step of the way and can advise you on the perfect system for your needs. To learn more about the work we do, read our success stories from manufacturing customers.  

To see our CNC machines in action, call us on 01926 736736 to book an appointment.

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