Controlled market expansion

Siemens control

New Doosan vertical machining centres from Mills CNC – now supplied with Siemens Controls.

Mills CNC has announced that its best-selling DNM Mark II range of Doosan 3-axis vertical machining centres is now available with the powerful Siemens 828D CNC control system and Shopmill, Siemens’ conversational programming software.

In a phased introduction of the new machines into the UK, Mills will be first bringing in Siemens-controlled DNM 400 II and DNM 500 II as stock machines from June 2015. The remaining DNM 650 and DNM 750 machines will be available later in the year.

The introduction of the new Siemens-controlled machines will increase the attractiveness of Doosan’s DNM range of machines to those UK and Irish precision component manufacturers who, in the past, decided against acquiring a Doosan vertical machining centre because it could not be supplied with their preferred control.

This move by Mills will enable the company to penetrate the Siemens control user market that was hitherto out of reach and, more importantly, will mean that these manufacturers no longer need to compromise when it comes to investing in a high-quality, ultra-reliable and cost-competitive 3-axis machining centre.

Says Tony Dale, Mills CNC’s Technical Director:

“Doosan is an innovative and proactive company. When it sees a gap in the market it quickly mobilises its extensive R & D, production and logistics operations to fill it.

“A few years ago Doosan launched and began supplying Siemens controlled lathes and machining centres to markets in Asia and Europe (most notably Germany).

“The steady growth in demand for Siemens controlled machines here in the UK and Ireland has been the catalyst behind us stocking these machines – starting with Doosan 3-axis machining centres.

“Naturally we are confident that we will soon be acquiring and growing share of the Siemens’ user market as a consequence.”

To help Mills achieve these ambitions, the company has recently created a new resource at its Technology Campus facility in Leamington.

The aptly-named ‘Control Centre’ is a dedicated discrete facility located in Mills’ machine tool demonstration area that will be used to help visitors and customers understand more about the different CNC control system options (e.g. Fanuc, Heidenhain and Siemens), available on Doosan machines.

Using the latest Hi-Tec interactive large touch screen technology customers can learn all about the strengths and nuances of each control, and start exploring the relative merits of each controls’ onboard software solutions like Fanuc Manual Guide i, Siemens Shopmill and Heidenhain conversational programming systems.