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New Doosan range of Twin-Spindle Twin-Turret turning centres with Y-axis capability on both (upper and lower) turrets is launched by Mills CNC.

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has introduced a new range of multi-tasking Twin-Spindle Twin-Turret turning centres with Y-axis capability on their upper and lower turrets, into the market.

The TT1300SYY (42/51mm bar diameter capacity), and larger TT2100SYY (65/81mm bar diameter capacity) machines, will both make their UK debuts at Mills’ ANOTHER GIANT LEAP Open House in October (9th – 10th), where they will be performing a number of challenging machining demonstrations designed to showcase their versatility and high productivity potential.

Versatility and high productivity potential…realised

 The TT1300SYY and TT2100SYY machines are flexible machines and can be employed in a number of ways:

  • Twin turret capability allows simultaneous OD and ID cutting to occur on a part located in the machine’s main spindle;
  • Simultaneous milling and turning of components in the machine’s main and sub-spindle enables multiple finished parts to be completed in one cycle;
  • Operations can be combined by machining one side of a part in the main spindle and it being finished in (transferred to) the sub-spindle.

Says Mills CNC’s Technical Director, Tony Dale:

“Doosan TT machines have a well deserved reputation in the market (especially in the aerospace, medical and automotive sectors) for their accuracy, speed and reliability.

“The new machines, with their dual Y-axis capability, build on this strong legacy and take these strengths, along with productivity and efficiency, to a whole new dimension.”

Key machine features

In addition to having Y-axis capability on their upper and lower turrets, the new machines also feature:

  • LM roller-type guides on the machine’s axes deliver increased rigidity for improved accuracies and finishes, and greater process reliability.
  • Up to 40m/min rapid rates reduce non-cutting times, improve part cycle times and raise productivity levels.
  • Powerful high-accuracy and high-torque main spindles – TT1300SYY spindle capability is 11kW/6,000rpm with 93Nm; TT2100SYY spindle capability is 15kW/6,000rpm with 116Nm.
  • High capability sub-spindles – 11kW/6000rpm for both models.
  • Low friction ball screw design mitigates the effects of thermal drift ensuring part accuracies, process security and improved tool life.
  • Upper turret driven tooling capability – 3.7kW/6000rpm for both models.

In addition both machine models feature the Doosan Easy Operation Package for fast and error-free programming; a Doosan ‘best-in-class’ grease lubrication system that reduces maintenance costs and is more environmentally friendly than traditional oil based lubrication systems.

Concludes Tony Dale:

“The new TT machines certainly pack a punch and can operate like self-contained automated manufacturing cells.

“Component manufacturers looking to improve their productivity will be hard pressed finding anything that can compete with the new TT machines’ flexibility, speed and performance.”

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