More reasons to invest in DN Solutions’ machines from Mills CNC.

The all-grease lubrication system used across a range of advanced DN Solutions’ machine tools can help reduce customers’ lubrication costs by up to 60%.

The all-grease lubrication system available on DN Solutions’ best-selling DNM, DVF, NHP, SVM and BVM machining centres, and Lynx 2100/2600 and TT300/2100 turning centres can help customers cut their machine tool lubrication costs by up to 60%.

Available in a convenient, easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain cartridge, the all-grease system has significant performance and commercial advantages over oil-based lubrication systems.

The most obvious and immediate of these is that the grease system eliminates the need for oil skimmers to remove tramp oil from the coolant tank: oil contamination, and the time and cost involved in removing it, can be a particular problem with oil-based lubrication systems.

The grease lubrication system has been designed to deliver the right amount of lubrication at the right time to the right places – thereby optimising machine tool performance.

It also ensures a cleaner, safer and healthier machine shop and work environment.

By only using a fraction of the quantity of lubricant, compared to oil-based systems, consumable costs are controlled and, because the amount of lubricant entering the coolant tank is significantly reduced, coolant integrity and life is protected.

Negating coolant contamination and degradation, ultimately, helps extend tool life, improves machine tool performance and reduces maintenance costs.

Says Heath Redman, Mills CNC’s Chief Technical and Operations Officer:

“There are many reasons why component manufacturers choose to invest in DN Solutions’ machine tools.

“High on this list of reasons include the added value benefits and process efficiencies DN Solutions’ machines deliver: the-all grease lubrication system being a case in point.”