BobCAD-CAM License for 2 Axis Lathes

1st Licence
£420.00 + VAT
2nd Licence
£210.00 + VAT
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High-Performance CAD-CAM for CNC Turning Centres

BobCAD-CAM software for 2-Axis Lathe and turning centres offer powerful toolpaths that outperform traditional canned cycles. Lathe CAD-CAM makes it easy and fast to set up 2-Axis toolpaths for OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, boring, drilling, cut-offs and more. This powerful CAD-CAM software is a complete CNC programming solution for all of your simple and complex part geometries.

1st Licence = £420 + VAT 2nd Licence = £210 + VAT

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