Fanuc Interactive Programming Tool Full Licence (F.I.P.T.)

£4,500.00 + VAT
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This Fanuc Software is ideal for Engineering Companies and Small Workshops.

The Licence is Permanent and does not need renewing or a Maintenance Fee to be paid each year.ISO Code is instantly produced using all G and M Functions which will then run on most CNC Lathe Machines.Programs can be stored on hard drive or memory stick and then taken to a machine and downloaded into the control for you to then produce the actual components.

Time Studies can easily be done for costing exercise’s, and a print out of the programs is also available.

£4,500 + vat

Bonus Point

This Software has been upgraded and refreshed from the Old FAPT System used so successfully for over 30 years. It now offers the following Functions

  1.   Windows 10 and 7 Compatible. 
  2.   Program Made and executed just like the old FAPT system.
  3.   Imports available for DXF, IGES and Step Files
  4. Tool Files available for Both Spindles and Turrets
  5. Customise Post Processor to suit nearly all Fanuc Controls
  6. Additional Items added include, Twin Spindle, Twin Turret Facility
  7. Passover between Main and Sub Spindle Menus
  8. Supports X, Z, C and Y Axes machining on Both Turrets and Spindles
  9. Icon Description with Mouse hovering over it.
  10. Material Files now available allowing correct speeds and feeds to be Calculated
  11. CAD Package included to allow drawing of Components and convert from DXF format to Component Shape, also includes IGES and Step Files
  12. ISO Code Output direct (No NC Conversion required) 
  13. Shapes easily modified and corrected.
  14. Using the correct Speeds and Feeds will give a close correct Time Study for costing a component out.
  15. Previous Users of FAPT and PC Fapt will require very little training and an immediate time saving on Programming Parts.
  16. No Mandatory Yearly Maintenance Fee required.
  17. USB Dongle supplied to activate Software, but can be loaded onto other PC’s just switch the dongle into the required PC.
  18. Copy, Rotate and draw Parallel shapes.

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