Fanuc NC Guide 3 Year Academic Licence (Manual Guide) M2

3 Years
£550.00 + VAT
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This Fanuc Software is ideal for the Up and Coming Students, wishing to practice the Programming, Editing and Simulation of the work you have created.

It also has the ability to make a program in NC Guide conversational system, see it running and then convert it into an ISO Code using all G and M Functions which will then run on most CNC Milling Machines.

£550 + vat

Programs can be stored on hard drive or memory stick and then taken to a machine and downloaded into the control for you to then produce the actual components.

Time Studies can easily be done for costing exercise’s, and a print out of the programs is also available.

Bonus Point

This also comes with a 4 Axis (X,Z,C and Y) Lathe Function for Turning centres.Being an Academic package certain items are not available.Runs on Windows 10 and Windows 7 and you do not need a fast, large memory Computer to run the software on. Comes with instructions on how to install and a USB Stick to load Tools, Fixed Forms, Parameters and Examples to get you up and running quickly. Telephone support is also included. If you need training please look at our 2 day Programming courses here in Leamington.

The Licence runs for 3 Years only and does not allow the renewing of it. A new product would have to be purchased.

M2 Code NCGM2

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