State of the art!

Mills CNC launches its Young Artist of the Year 2020 competition in response to the coronavirus outbreak and the government’s subsequent ‘Stay at Home’ and social distancing instructions.

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has organised a ‘Young Artist of the Year’ competition aimed at young people and teenagers (under 18 years of age).

The competition, organised into three separate age-related categories, starts Monday 20th April and ends Friday 15th May. A panel, comprising Mills CNC’s Board of Directors, will judge the all artwork entries during the remainder of the month and, following their deliberations, will announce the three winners by the middle of June 2020.

Each winner will receive a cheque for £200.00, and their original artwork will be displayed at Mills CNC’s Campus Technology facility in Leamington for the remainder of the year. The artwork will also be used to spearhead a range of Mills’ communication and promotional initiatives taking place during the remainder of 2020.

Says Tony Dale, Mills CNC’s Technical Director:

“Following the indefinite closure of schools and colleges and the government’s instructions on social distancing, non-essential journeys and avoidance of large gatherings, many young people, with more time on their hands than they, or their parents/guardians, could ever have imagined, are at a loose end.

“In response, we have created the ‘Art Competition’ as part of our CSR and commitment to education and training.

”The competition was initially aimed at children of our staff, customers, partners and suppliers – but we have decided to open it up to all young people. Full details of the competition including rules, regulations and terns and conditions can be found on our website.”

The subject matter selected for the art competition is very much related to the machine tool and manufacturing sectors, and Mills CNC’s pivotal position in both.

There five subjects Mills has selected for the competition comprise:

– a new Doosan DEM 4000 vertical machining centre

– a group shot of two new Doosan DVF 5-axis machining centres – the DVF 6500 and DVF 8000

– a new SYNERGi 25 automated manufacturing cell

– a new Doosan collaborative robot (cobot)

– a new Doosan cobot with end effectors (grippers)

Explains Tony Dale:

“At the MACH 2020 event we were set to showcase a range of new technologies (new Doosan machines and new automation systems) to visitors.

“The postponement of the event to January 2021, whilst totally understandable, was naturally disappointing. However, we remain undaunted and have decided to promote these new technologies in a different and innovative way.”

Imagination is the name of the game with the competition.

Young people can paint or draw one of the five subject matters. Entries can be ‘real life’ depictions of the technology or can be abstract in nature.

Concluded Tony Dale:

“You don’t have to be a Picasso or a Rembrandt to enter our Young Artist of the Year competition.

“As long as you have paints and brushes, crayons, pastels or pencils…have paper, card or canvass…and are under 18 years of age…you’re good to go.

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