Fanuc Custom Macro A – Milling and Turning

Course level: Advanced
Course duration: 1 day
Class size: 1-6 attendees
Course location: Mills CNC, Tachbrook link, Mills CNC Technology Campus, Tachbrook Park Dr, Royal Leamington Spa CV34 6SN
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  • Fanuc Control
  • Milling Machine type
  • Turning Machine type
£300.00 + VAT
per attendee
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Course description

To ensure a positive learning experience course size is limited to 6 attendees.

Cost of course is £300.00 + VAT per attendee.

CNC Programming with the use of Fanuc Custom Macro A, enables you to design and implement macro programming techniques that result in accuracy, repeatability, and enhanced productivity (ideal for a family of parts). The course begins with step-by-step instructions and then gradually proceeds in complexity.

Programming examples will follow Fanuc’s Custom Macro A language, and by the end of the course, you will be able to develop and understand programs that exploit the full potential of your CNC machines.

Applicants must already be well versed in Fanuc or similar programming and a good understanding of Mathematics would be advisable.

Please note that this method of programming has been superseded by the Fanuc Custom Macro B Programming System, and applicants should only use this course if they have older type machines or Macro A programs that need to be converted or understood.

Specific course content includes:

  • Usage of Macro Function and Data Requirements
  • M98~M99 Sub Program Call and Use
  • Macro call statements
  • Program Protection and Display and Parameter adjustments
  • Local Variables (1~33), Common Variables (100~530), System Variables (1000~20000)
  • Alarm Generation and Clock Timers,
  • Modal and Positional information, Arithmetic and Trigonometric Functions, Definition,
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Sine, Co-Sine, Tangent, Arctangent, Square-root, Absolute Values
  • G65 H01 Definition, G65 H02 Addition, G65 H03 Subtraction, G65 H04 Product, G65
  • H05 Division
  • G65 H11 Logical sum, G65 H12 Logical product, G65 H13 Exclusive
  • G65 H21 Square root, G65 H22 Absolute value
  • G65 H23 Remainder (trunc : Discard fractions less than 1)
  • G65 H24 Conversion from BCD to binary , G65 H25 Conversion from binary to BCD
  • G65 H26 Combined multiplication/division
  • G65 H27 Combined square root 1 and G65 H28 Combined square root
  • G65 H31 Sine, G65 H32 Cosine, G65 H33 Tangent, G65 H34 Arctangent
  • G65 H80 Unconditional divergence, G65 H81 Conditional divergence
  • G65 H82, H83, H84, Conditional divergence 2, 3 and 4

Safety shoes and other P.P.E. Equipment is not required.

Custom Macro A courses run at the Mills Mills CNC Training Academy last for 1 day:

  • Day 1: Start: 9.00am – Finish: 4.30pm

Machine availability will be decided on the day.

Light lunch and soft drinks are provided. For special dietary requirements please contact the Mills Mills CNC Training Academy on 01926 438363 or email

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