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CNC Advanced Courses

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For experienced Programmers the Mills CNC Training Academy provides a number of advanced courses.

These courses are aimed at Mills CNC customers with Doosan machine tools, and for component manufacturers with other machine tool manufacturers’ machines. They are also aimed at unemployed adults with existing good level programming skills and experience looking for a career in engineering.

The advanced courses are all classroom based and include the following:

Custom Macro B Milling Courses:

Custom Macro B Milling
Custom Macro B Turning

Custom Macro B Milling and Turning Courses are timetabled courses and can be booked online.

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FeatureCam Milling Courses:

FeatureCam Milling
Feature Cam Turning
FeatureCam Solid Milling
FeatureCam Solid Turning

For FeatureCam and Probing courses please call the Mills CNC Training Academy for availability.

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Probing Course Courses:

Probing Course: Machining centres with Fanuc Controls
Probing Course: Lathes with Fanuc Controls

For more information on our Advanced Courses - please contact the Mills CNC Training Academy.

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