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Operator courses

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The Mills CNC Training Academy offers a range of popular CNC Operator Training Courses.

These courses are all practical in nature and are aimed at people who have little or no experience of machine tools or how to operate them.

Operator course content includes:
  • a basic introduction to the relevant machine tool (i.e. machining centre or lathe);
  • an explanation of machine tool and machining terminologies and principles;
  • an introduction to the specific CNC control and its functions;
  • an understanding of offsets (i.e. workpiece and tool length etc.) including how to set and adjust parameters;
  • Health & Safety compliance and best practice.

The different CNC Operator courses provided by the Training Academy are as follows:


Fanuc Operator Course
Heidenhain Operator Course
Siemens Operator Course


Fanuc Operator Course
Siemens Operator Course

Fanuc Milling and Turning Operator courses take place at either the Mills CNC Training Academy or at an individual customer’s facility.

Siemens and Heidenhain Operator courses can only take place at an individual customer’s facility.

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