SYNERGi Automated Manufacturing Cells

Mills CNC - Automation logoIndustrial robots integrated into flexible automated manufacturing cells are a key enabler of Industry 4.0 and the Factories of the Future.

They can revolutionise conventional industrial processes allowing manufacturers to increase their productivity and achieve higher quality with lower costs.

Advantages of industrial robotics


  • Remove workers from unsafe conditions and hazardous work environments

  • Avoid complacent from repetitive and boring work


  • Reduce defect rates

  • Increase consistency of manufacturing processes

  • Better hold positioning tolerances


  • Increase uptime and overall output

  • Reduced turnover and rehiring/ retraining costs

  • Less scrap from human error

Unlike collaborative robots, which are designed to work alongside humans, industrial robots in automated cells (owing to their potential size, power and nature of application) often operate behind safety fences/cages or, increasingly, behind virtual, sensor-based barriers.

Mills CNC Automation, in collaboration with a number of  selected Technical Partners, has designed and developed its own SYNERGi automated manufacturing cells powered by its own (proprietary) SYNERGi software. 

SYNERGi automated manufacturing cells comprising either a Doosan lathe, a Doosan machining centre or a Doosan mill-turn machine integrated with an industrial (Fanuc) robot, an innovative loading system, a powerful and intuitive HMI and integrated safety systems are designed to help manufacturers maintain their competitive edge.

There is an obvious and direct correlation between SYNERGi automated manufacturing cells and Mills CNC’s rich pedigree in designing, developing and implementing productivity-enhancing turnkey and process improvement solutions for customers.

With both the emphasis is on delivering collaborative manufacturing solutions that are technically excellent, cost-effective, reliable, safe and easy to understand and use.

About SYNERGi Automated Manufacturing Cells

SYNERGi is the generic, brand name of our flexible, automated manufacturing cells. There are three different and distinct ‘product series’ in the SYNERGi automated manufacturing cell hierarchy: These are:

i) SYNERGi Premier
ii) SYNERGi Classic
iii) SYNERGi Sprint

SYNERGi Premier series
SYNERGi Premier

SYNERGi Classic

SYNERGi Sprint


All SYNERGi cells are powered by our own proprietary (SYNERGi) software and, at the heart of every system, is a sophisticated and intuitive HMI that incorporates a wide-range of quality control, monitoring and inspection features and capabilities.

SYNERGi systems are versatile. In addition to ‘standard’ SYNERGi solutions (see above) – all three series can be further customised and adapted: designed and built to meet a customer’s individual and specific application requirements.

If you are looking to embrace unmanned and lights-out operations – SYNERGi automated cells are the ideal and proven high-productivity and high-efficiency manufacturing solution.

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