Doosan Puma 800 II Series

Doosan Puma 800 lathe series

  • 32″ chuck
  • 45kW/750rpm high-torque spindles
  • Maximum turning length up to 5 metres
  • Driven tools (11kW/3000rpm)
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PUMA 800LB_Buttress Thread
PUMA 800LB_Buttress Thread

Puma 800 lathes are the largest in Doosan’s range and provide a powerful and reliable turning solution for large component manufacturers.

These lathes have a large chucking capability (32” chuck) and a large through spindle bore capacity (320mm), and have been designed to machine large and heavy work-pieces.

Puma 800 machines are used extensively in the power generation, oil and gas and large automotive sectors, and deliver outstanding part accuracies, surface finishes and process reliability.

Puma 800 lathes with long beds (up to 5 metres), driven tools (11kW/3000rpm) and Y-axes (+/-100mm) are all available.

Technical Specification

Chuck size 32inch
Max. Turning Diameter 750 - 900mm
Max. Turning Length 1600 - 5050mm
X Axis Rapid Traverse 12m/min
Z Axis Rapid Traverse 10 - 16m/min
Max. Spindle Speed 500 - 750r/min
Max. Spindle Power 55kW
Max. Spindle Torque 8076N·m
No. of tool station 12
Rotary Tool r/min 3000r/min
X Axis Travel distance 400 - 470mm
Y Axis Travel distance 200mm
Z Axis Travel distance 1650 - 5100mm

Series Dimensions

Length 5760 - 9898mm
Width 2770 - 3145mm
Height 2590 - 2780mm
Weight 16300 - 26000kg

Image representative of Series and may not be the exact model

The Doosan Puma 800 II Series is compatible with Fanuc and Siemens.

The Mills CNC Projects' Team, incorporating experienced engineers, will undertake a site survey and create a tailored machine delivery and installation plan that is pre-agreed with customers.

The project team will then manage the whole process and act as a seamless interface between the customer, Mills CNC and any required 3rd party specialist service providers through delivery, installation and commissioning of the machine

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