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BobART Software Package

Transform your artistic imagination into manufacturing reality!

BobART is available as an add-on module to any of the milling CAD-CAM software products. It allows you to apply creative artwork to CNC manufactured parts. This powerful artistic software allows you to take a picture or drawing and convert it into relief model or vectorized geometry that can be machined by a CNC mill, router, waterjet, laser, or burning machine. Simply open an image file and you’re just a few steps away from engraving, carving, or embossing with powerful CAM programming. This is a must have CNC router software and CAD design tool for industries that work with sign making, custom wood working, jewellery making, instrument machining, engraving work, mould making, and much more.

1st Licence = £320 + VAT
2nd Licence = £160 + VAT


Lathe Features


CAD-CAM for CNC Lathe allows you to design or import part geometry which you’ll assign toolpath strategies to using an intuitive, wizard guiding interface. BobCAD’s feature type programming makes it easy to control the direction of the cut and where on the part the toolpath is created.


Flat End V-Tools

Users can define a flat end diameter for their V-Tools, providing more accurate programming and simulation of V carving with BobART.


Raster To Vector

Load image files into the CAD screen like: JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PSD, AFP and more… Manually trace over using lines, arcs and splines. Convert images to geometry faster using the vectorizing feature. Adjust quality using parameters with the option to scale to size.


Emboss From Component

Use purchased or previously designed embossments to contribute to future designs.



Add your personal free hand design changes using smoothing, deposit, remove sculpting options.



Remove/soften hard edges and intersections between emboss features. Users have the option to apply smoothing to a boundary or the entire emboss model.


Emboss From Image

Use images grayscale to control embossment heights.

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