Collaborative Robots from Doosan Robotics

Mills CNC Automation is an agent for Doosan Robotics, part of the Doosan Group, and supplies its range of advanced, high-performance collaborative robots into the UK and Ireland.

There are four different cobots (collaborative robots) in the range.

These cobots are versatile, easy-to-install and use, incredibly safe and competitively-priced. They are designed to perform a range of tasks that include CNC machine tool tending, testing and inspection – through to packaging, palletising, assembly and ‘pick and place’ operations.

All cobots are equipped with 6-axis articulated arms with highly-sensitive torque sensors that detect changes in force and pressure, which causes them to stop.

As well as different capacity (payload and reach radius) arms – all cobots are supplied with a state-of-the-art controller, a sophisticated Teaching Pendant and a number of options that include a dress pack, a water jacket and a mobile base unit.

The four cobot models are:

M0609: 6kg payload; 0.9metre reach radius
M1509: 15kg payload; 0.9metre reach radius
M1013: 10kg payload; 1.3metre reach radius
M0617: 6kg payload; 1.7metre reach radius

For more information – call 01926 736736.

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