Sliding head CNC lathes, also known as Swiss Auto lathes, were originally designed for machining small high-precision watch parts and components.

The technology involves a bar being fed through the machine’s headstock and being gripped by a collet. The bar is supported by a guide bush and this configuration helps manufacturers’ machine parts to high accuracy and superior surface finishes.

Sliding head CNC machines are used across a wide range of industry sectors (automotive, medical etc.), and Doosan machine models with their 7-axis capabilities are increasingly being used by manufacturers looking for a proven and reliable sliding head lathe solution.

Doosan sliding head lathes have either a 20mm or 32mm diameter bar capacity.

They are easy to programme and operate, and because parts can be machined simultaneously using three different tools at the same time, cycle times can be dramatically reduced.

This plus the machines’ ability to operate unattended overnight helps manufacturers significantly reduce the cost-per-part.

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