Sliding Head Lathes

Sliding head lathes, also known as Swiss Auto lathes, were originally designed for machining small high-precision watch parts and components. This accuracy is achieved because sliding head CNC machines remain stationary, allowing the material to move in the Z-axis. The processing time is also reduced as a result.

Why choose sliding head lathes?

There are many benefits of choosing sliding head CNC machines including:

  • Easy to programme and operate
  • Cycle times dramatically reduced 
  • Increased accuracy
  • Can operate unattended 24/7
  • Reduction in cost-per-part

Due to the quick set-up and ease of use of the sliding head lathe, the efficiency of your operations will increase. This will allow you to ramp up production and grow your capacity as a business, leading to higher revenue. In combination with this, sliding head lathes can run unattended overnight, enabling manufacturers to reduce the cost-per-part. And lower cost-per-part means that profits will rise.

The cycle times reduce because parts can be machined simultaneously using three different tools at the same time. Also, the cutting devices are placed close to the material which lowers the ‘idle’ time. A final feature of sliding head CNC machines that slash cycle time is that they can largely create components in one hit. So, you don’t need to plan a lengthy production process as this single machine can get the job done.

The range of sliding head CNC machines

The sliding head lathes from Doosan have either a 20mm or 32mm diameter bar capacity. Explore further details of this CNC machine below. 


How do sliding head lathes work?

The technology of a sliding head lathe involves a bar being fed through the machine’s headstock and being gripped by a collet. The bar is supported by a guide bush and this configuration helps manufacturers’ machine parts to high accuracy and superior surface finishes.

What industries are sliding head lathes suited to? 

Sliding head CNC machines are used across many industries, including automotive, medical and dental. The Doosan machine models’ 7-axis capabilities are increasingly popular with manufacturers – they are a proven and reliable sliding head lathe solution.

What happens when you buy a sliding head lathe from Mills CNC? 

Mills CNC is a leading provider of sliding head CNC machines. To learn more about the work we do, read our success stories from manufacturing customers.  

If you’d like to learn more about our sliding head lathes for sale, call Mills CNC Automation on 01926 736736 or visit our contact page

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