Twin Spindle Chucking Lathes

Doosan’s TW range of twin-spindle chucking CNC lathes is designed for high productivity and maximum performance. Transform your operations and bring this sophisticated machine onboard.

Why choose a twin spindle CNC lathe?

There are many advantages of choosing a Doosan twin spindle lathe including: 

  • Flexibility 
  • Increases productivity 
  • High-torque spindles
  • Large turning diameter
  • Long turning length

Doosan twin spindle lathes are versatile and can produce various parts with ease. It’s simple to reconfigure the machine whenever you need to run a different job. Gone are the days of purchasing a new device for each chain of production – twin spindle CNC lathes can meet a range of needs.

The flexibility of the machine is enhanced by its large turning diameter and long turning length. These features enable you to produce larger components if you wish. Even if you currently create smaller parts, this machine gives you the freedom to expand your product portfolio in the future, without having to purchase a new machine in the process.

The range of Doosan twin spindle lathes

The range of Doosan twin spindle lathes from Mills CNC features models with integrated Gantry Loaders for increased productivity and flexibility. Explore our range of machines now.


Should I choose a single spindle or twin spindle CNC lathe?

The best Doosan machine for you will depend on your unique needs, but you should take production rate, turnaround time, and component complexity into account.

A single spindle device is well suited to low volume production, and a perk is that these machines are cheaper. If your operations have fewer demands, with only small projects running at a time, this may be the option for you.

A twin spindle CNC lathe can keep up with the quick turnaround of larger projects. The tool can produce components much faster than its single spindle counterpart, making it ideal for emergency orders too. Many manufacturers opt for a Doosan twin spindle lathe because they offer more advanced capabilities than a single spindle whilst taking up the same floor space. 

What industries are twin spindle CNC lathes suited to?

Twin spindle chucking lathes can be used in a range of machining applications, although the tools are typically found in the automotive, aerospace and medical sectors.

What happens when you buy a Doosan twin spindle lathe from Mills CNC? 

Mills CNC is a leading provider of Doosan machines, including the popular twin spindle lathe. To learn more about the work we do, read our success stories from manufacturing customers.  

If you’d like to learn more about our twin spindle CNC lathes for sale, call Mills CNC Automation on 01926 736736 or visit our contact page.

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