Horizontal Single Turret

From machining steel, stainless steel and aluminium to titanium, exotics and plastics, there will be a turret lathe to meet your needs. The range of Doosan Lynx and Doosan Puma CNC lathes and CNC turning centres can complete a range of tasks. 

Why choose a horizontal lathe machine?

There are many benefits of choosing a horizontal single turret lathe including: 

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Highly accurate
  • Increase productivity
  • Offers flexibility
  • Reliable

Since our range of turret lathes is so extensive, you can find the perfect tool for your projects. With many Doosan machines boasting large turning diameters and turning lengths as well as high power spindles.

The range of horizontal single turret lathes

Mills CNC has one of the most comprehensive ranges of turret lathes and turning centres in the market. Our portfolio of machines features chuck sizes from 6” to 32” – including machines equipped with sub-spindles, C-axes, Y-axes and driven tools, as well as ultra long-bed models. You can explore our range below.


What is the difference between a horizontal lathe machine and a vertical lathe machine? 

These two machines are very similar. The main difference is that a vertical lathe is stood on its end so the production is completed in an up and down motion. Whilst a horizontal lathe machine works in a side to side movement. 

Vertical lathes are ideal for projects that focus on a single side, such as large metal plates. They are superior to horizontal lathe machines in situations where workpiece sagging could be a factor.

Horizontal turret lathes are capable of a wider range of shapes and sizes, and workpieces are kept clean during machining – something you don’t benefit from with a vertical lathe. In addition, many horizontal lathe machines incorporate automatic bar-stock feeders to increase productivity.

The type of lathe you pick is down to preference however, the horizontal turret lathe is the popular option. If you’re working in a restricted space, the vertical lathe may be the better choice.

What happens when you buy a horizontal lathe machine from Mills CNC?

All of our horizontal lathe machines are given a thorough pre-delivery inspection before they are commissioned and installed by Mills CNC service engineers.

Mills CNC is a leading provider of horizontal lathe machines. Read our success stories from manufacturing customers to see the work we do.  

To learn more about our turret lathes for sale, call Mills CNC Automation on 01926 736736 or visit our contact page.

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